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How to register a property, do you need a lawyer?

You can do it without a lawyer, but it will be more difficult, because all authorities communicate and issue documents in Turkish, and it will be difficult for a person without knowledge of the Turkish and the TRNC legislation to register the real estate and to to check that the property is free from any impediments.

By registering a property yourself, you can save one thousand pound, but in case of misunderstanding with the construction company, only an engaged lawyer will be able to defend your interests.

In addition, the TRNC government is considering a bill under which the registration of real estate without a lawyer will lead to fines and even imprisonment for up to 2 years. This is done in order to limit the activities of so-called beach realtors, who conduct illegal activities and promise to register the contract themselves, without having any licenses and permits for such activities.

Therefore, we can recommend Munir Akil, an English lawyer with a corresponding license. He is also a former Chief Justice of the TRNC. We vouch for him and recommend that he represents your interests in North Cyprus. For convenience, we also have a financial auditor who can assist you in opening a business.

Another lawyer we can recommend is Berna Celik. She specializes in real estate registration, business management, and international conflict resolution. Berna received her PhD from Edgehill University in the UK and has 13 years of experience as a lawyer and legal adviser. In addition, she teaches international law at one of the biggest universities in Cyprus. She also performed as a Secretary General and Speaker at the European Commission on the Cyprus conflict.