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How to obtain a residence permit?

You can get a residence permit in Northern Cyprus if you buy any property regardless of its value, unlike in South Cyprus and Spain, where you can apply for residency only in case if you purchase propety above a particular value . Our company, as part of our after-sales service, can help you solve any related problems.

Residence permit allows you to stay in North Cyprus for up to 1 year. Afterwards you will need to extend it for another year. If it is extended for seven years, you can get the TRNC citizenship which will make it easier for you to open your own business.

List of documents
Contact immigration department at local police station and provide:
1. Stamped copy of the sale contract.

2. Certificate of residence (could be obtained from the Muhtar, local headman). Each certificate should be stamped!

3. Statement from a local bank. It is necessary to show at least £10,000 on your account. To open a bank account, you also need a certificate of residence from the Muhtar and a copy of the contract.
P.S. This amount is not frozen. Once you receive your bank statement, you can withdraw the money immediately or use it as a payment towards your real estate.
4. Marriage certificate (translated in Turkish and certified by a notary).

5. Birth certificate for children over 18 y.o.

6. Two photos.

7. A copy of your passport - the front page and the page with your entry visa

After submitting the above documents to the immigration office at a local police station, you need to do a blood test and x-ray which costs about 240 TL (the amount may vary). The results are usually ready in 7-10 working days. You should collect the envelop with the results and keep it closed until you provide it to the Ministry of Interior in about 15 days after submitting the documents to the immigration office. The cost of the residence permit is 300 TL per person (the amount may vary), it is paid directly at the ministry on collecting your permit.